To the man I married 10 years ago Today

Here we are. ❤
Ten years sounds so little.
A decade seems so old.
Regardless, I’m so ecstatic arriving at double digits.
Decked in my favourite suit, 
My smile :).

A red carpet only you and I can see.
Laid down for us to walk on.
Into the next 100 years if God allows🙏
I watch our blurry wedding video over and over.
I smile at how young I looked, and
laugh at how much weight you lost running around.
I’m happy we’re here.

I have my wedding dress somewhere. In the closet.
And I know your black suit is there too.
To remind us of that beautiful day.
When my father walked me down that flat stone path.
Into your arms he surrendered me.
With full confidence that you’ll take care of me.
He loved you even before he knew we were dating.
He had seen you on TV and commented at how good you were,
On the program you were presenting.
My sister and I exchanged looks.
We giggled.
A beautiful coincidence it was.
That you’d end up his son in law,
Not long from then.
I smile.
I still remember his advice.
To make this marriage our own.
I remember the noise your friends made.
I laugh.
They made the night beautiful in their own crazy way.
It was such a simple affair.
The lights went out.
It was so late.
I sigh.
Ten years later.
I’m still discovering the things I like about you.
The noise your shoes make when you’re coming to my office.
How you tease me that I’m still shy, when I catch you staring at me and I look away.
How you always hold my hand in public, with so much pride.
How good you look when you’re  running.
How I just want to cuddle you when  you’re tired and fall asleep on the couch.
So innocent.

When  we grow old, I’ll look back on our tenth.
I hope I’ll still remember the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s ‘I Still Believe’.
It sums up my emotional state in this marriage.
As we tread the tenth together.
Let God lead. ❤❤



The Liebster Award Post

I’m doing this because I promised you Sinawo :). Hope i got it right. Forgive me on the nominations. Still learning the ropes. Here we go…

1.What makes you smile without fail? Seeing my youngest baby girl’s face.❤❤❤

2.What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re totally alone? Reading anything good.

3.When was the last time you felt completely proud of your blog? My first post – Conversations with Creepy Crawleys. I had finally posted something.

4.If you took me out on a bae/friend date, what would we do? Talk about words and writing over a glass of something  😘

5.Have you ever left someone you still loved? Yes. It was inevitable. He was someone else’s.

6.What is your greatest talent? Writing. I believe. I’ve been writing  since  I could write 😅

7.What is the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents? That I once seriously wanted to end my life. 😥

8.Besides me of course, which other writer would you love to meet in real life? @khayadlanga

9.What is the last flirtatious thing you did to attract a crush? I  whispered something in his ear … but he’s my lover (husband) 😍

10.If you could read minds, whose would you like to read the most? Shakespeare

11. What is top priority on your bucket list? Watch a 🎾grand slam – Wimbledon. dressed in all white.