Mourning Summer

I spend the rainy season and winter mourning summer.

I love summer for so many reasons.

Yes it’s hot and can get really hot and sometimes unbearable, but I’d rather that than grey skies and heavy pouring rain.

I’d rather that than endless cups of hot beverages and constant trips to the bathroom.

I’d rather that than layer after layer of warm clothes.

I’d rather that than heavy bedding on my body when I go to sleep.

I’d rather that than the heater that often times results in headaches.

I’d rather that than negotiating the muddy pools while ducking the rain on the streets.

Because an umbrella is much nice to carry when it’s sunny than in the rain.

I like my umbrella fancy and sweet.

Light enough to shield me from the sun than the heavy rain drops.

I’d rather the ice in my juice and a large brim hat over my head.

I’d rather the fan and aircon while I nap.

I’d rather the shed from the tree in my garden than being holed up in the house waiting for the rain to die down.
But Summer’s gone and the rainy season’s here.

A promise of gloomy skies.

Clouds pregnant with rain at every opportunity.

Grey skies filling my world with depression and helplessness when it should be sunny and bright.

I’d rather the smiling sun than the frowning grey skies.

Until then I will mourn summer.

Please come back soon.

Ps. I love you.