Long Time

They took me away from writing without instruction, an activity I love with all my heart.
I wrote anyway, just that I was instructed to, was required to do so by my lecturers.
As I wait to graduate, I’m anxious. Anxious as to how I performed amidst the pressures of life, of being a wife, a mother, an employee, a daughter, a friend:
a wife whose husband demands my time, attention and affection;
a mother whose children require my time, attention and care;
an employee whose employer demands my time and dedication;
a daughter whose parents require some level of attention, to let them know I’m here and I’m well;
a sister whose siblings demand an ear and a shoulder;
a friend whose buddies demand my acquaintance and friendship;
Out of love and sometimes out of need, I give, because out of love and sometimes out of need, I receive.
At the end of it all, I go back often times to the giver of life and sustainer of it. Because by my own strength I could not, cannot and will not be able.