Happy Women’s Day

9 March 2019


Sitting in a random chair, in a random place, waiting for a not so random person.

My thoughts drift…. to random musings about a woman.

A seemingly complex being.. could be, it’s all in the hormones πŸ˜‚
Labeled a descendant of Mars, or a neanderthal being.. She’s non of that
She’s a ball of emotions, and oftentimes scars.. I cry for this one

Hidden in well crafted make up and hairstyle.. you don’t have to hide
She can be aggressive and talkative… can’t deal
Or gentle and mild tempered.. She’s awesome

She’s as interesting as she’s amazing… I agree

I’ve seen her have her self esteem stripped… my heart broke

Her happiness eroded and her pride extinguished… I’m sorry I couldn’t help

Yet she smiles to the world, a facade she wears along with her clothes.. she will heal

I love me some women

Tall or short, or medium height

Slender or voluptuous, but mostly voluptuous πŸ˜‰

Light or dark, short or long hair, but mostly long 😁

I love women for various reasons:

She’s good looking 😍 its subjective

She’s a good mother, or sister or aunt, no two ways about it

She’s a good friend, genuine and sincere… I can read that

She’s a beloved loving wife, girlfriend or fiancΓ©e, not debatable

She’s got a good heart; kind and friendly and smart… we can all learn to be

For all its worth, Happy Women’s Day to the good woman.