Superiority of the Seasons

The sun has no superiority over the rainy season, the same way the cold has no hold over the summer.

The rainy season
It doesn’t play. When the sun tries to shine, the grey clouds quickly appear
Casting a dark cloud over the horizon
Rain quickly pours, extinguishing any chance there ever was of the sun’s warmth.

The clouds gather and thunder roars.
Lightning cutting across the sky leaving a trail of blazing light that no fireworks could match.

Then comes Winter
The cold is lethal. It stings and hurts. Deep in the bones.
Should the Sun’s rays attempt to break through, the grey clouds quickly rush to formation,
Vanquishing any rays that may have escaped it’s grip.

Should the rays stand firm and break through, they’re left devoid of any heat to warm the earth.
Its strength is made visible in the heavily clad humans, with layers upon layers of clothing
And heaters ablaze wherever they be gathered.

Here comes the Sun
In summer, the sun reigns supreme.

It’s power can be seen in the melting of the ice cream, and the constant need to rehydrate one’s body.
The sweat that drips from one’s face and neck,
The urgent need to sit under the shed and cool off,
To keep that aircon on in the car and sit under the fan in the house.

Yes, the power of the sun is made manifest in the urge to take a dive in the pool,
Put on a vest and shorts in the scorching heat.

The rain and the cold stand no chance against the heat.
Should some rain drops escape the sun and fall to the earth, they’re evaporated as soon as they hit the ground.

Each season gives its best, its whole and full measure. A little lesson to mankind.