Culex, C Molestus

“You have no right to do what you did! You violated me, stuck your filthy proboscis into my skin and left your disgusting saliva in my body while drawing blood against my will!”

I screamed inside my head, but my mouthed lashed out in hushed tones as the tiny insect lay on the floor. It spun around and made the most annoying sound. My anger grew even more.

“I couldn’t sleep peacefully because of you and your irritating buzz around my ear every time I switched off the light and closed my eyes!” I fumed.

Before my anger subsided, I sprayed it with insect killer one last time and it gradually stopped spinning,  the irritating sound stopped too.

I got a piece of tissue  and picked up the thing,  squeezing it to make sure it was dead before throwing it in the bin.

“This must serve as a warning to your friends that should they come and disturb me at night, they’ll meet the same fate.” I warned in my head.

We both knew the warning fell on deaf ears, because there was no messenger to go and warn it’s buddies of their fate should they attack me in my bed.

Being part of the ecological system means that this is a war neither man nor mosquito can win.

We live to fight another day.