Culex, C Molestus

“You have no right to do what you did! You violated me, stuck your filthy proboscis into my skin and left your disgusting saliva in my body while drawing blood against my will!”

I screamed inside my head, but my mouthed lashed out in hushed tones as the tiny insect lay on the floor. It spun around and made the most annoying sound. My anger grew even more.

“I couldn’t sleep peacefully because of you and your irritating buzz around my ear every time I switched off the light and closed my eyes!” I fumed.

Before my anger subsided, I sprayed it with insect killer one last time and it gradually stopped spinning,  the irritating sound stopped too.

I got a piece of tissue  and picked up the thing,  squeezing it to make sure it was dead before throwing it in the bin.

“This must serve as a warning to your friends that should they come and disturb me at night, they’ll meet the same fate.” I warned in my head.

We both knew the warning fell on deaf ears, because there was no messenger to go and warn it’s buddies of their fate should they attack me in my bed.

Being part of the ecological system means that this is a war neither man nor mosquito can win.

We live to fight another day.



How to Live Life

“Sometimes we need to affirm ourselves, to look at our lives in segments so that the weight of life’s issues collectively,  doesn’t weigh us down.” ~ V

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and the week is done;

08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 and it’s lunchtime…

14, 15, 16, 17 and the work day is done!

18, 19, 20 it’s supper time.

21, 22, 23, 24 and the day is gone.

I choose to live my life in these bits of time.


Happy Mother’s Day – to Me

Does it sound selfish?

I’m justified 😊

I carried four human beings 🙆‍♂️ 🤰

Experienced everything that goes with it…

The nausea, the cravings, the emotions… 😷😋😥

The expectations, the fears, the love, the longing, anxiety😨❤🤗😬

It can be a roller coaster ⛷🤸‍♀️

I could fill four books with briefs of their birth stories

The first labour hit at midnight.

I couldn’t sit still. My back hurt like hell 😩

At the hospital, I paced up and down.

They gave me a lounge. A whole lounge to myself & my husband 💑

It wasn’t enough

I kicked my slippers off. As light as they were, they were heavy on my feet in that moment 👡👡

He couldn’t believe that I took off my slippers in a foreign place!🦶

Well, neither could I. I was that fussy 😂

Morning came 🌅

I couldn’t eat, they forced me to take a few sips of juice 🥤

I couldn’t pee, the nurses were so good to me 🤗

This is the famous University Teaching Hospital, UTH.

I’d heard stories of pregnant women being treated badly.

Mum came. I cried. She always does that to me. I love her ❤❤

Around 15, the back pain was unbearable! I prayed 🙏

And thought… if I could just think Back on all the good loving, I’d forget the pain.

No chance, damn!!

A good nurse came, helped me lay down. It was time 👩‍⚕️

She talked to me, comforted me, made jokes and the baby came🤱

He was beautiful. I love him 🥰

I was exhausted and wanted very hot tea with whole milk ☕ 😂

I refused to bath because I couldn’t do it in that foreign place 🛀

I was discharged in the morning.

Second, third and fourth were fairly quick births.

I’m forever grateful to God.


And to all the good women out there.


Keep in touch

(Third and final in A series of short poems I wrote a long time ago).

Keep in touch, because I miss you so

Your friendship is important to ME

And I hope that you AGREE

Remember to call or WRITE

So our friendship stays TIGHT

Because your friendship I VALUE

I’ll try to stay true

In all we PURSUE


A fRiEnD liKe yoU

(Second in A series of short poems I wrote a long time ago).

—– oo —–

A friend like you
Is too good to be true
The time we have shared
No one could compare
The lessons we learned
From the chances we burned
The memories we made
Those will never fade
Our friendship can only grow stronger
And the years hopefully longer
I just wanted you to know
That I cherish you so

—– oo —–


Life Shocks

This imperfect life requires one to install shocks

to absorb the bumps of life’s turbulence…

Shocks for a failed happily ever after
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under

Shocks for being laid off work
even after your excellent performance
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under

Shocks for being stabbed in the back
By your closest and trusted confidant
Your best friend
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under

Shocks for an injustice carried out by your own kind
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under

Shocks for losing all the wealth you had
by circumstance or your own stupidity
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under

Shocks for time and chance
that befall us all
So that you don’t end up in an asylum
behind bars
or six feet under


Superiority of the Seasons

The sun has no superiority over the rainy season, the same way the cold has no hold over the summer.

The rainy season
It doesn’t play. When the sun tries to shine, the grey clouds quickly appear
Casting a dark cloud over the horizon
Rain quickly pours, extinguishing any chance there ever was of the sun’s warmth.

The clouds gather and thunder roars.
Lightning cutting across the sky leaving a trail of blazing light that no fireworks could match.

Then comes Winter
The cold is lethal. It stings and hurts. Deep in the bones.
Should the Sun’s rays attempt to break through, the grey clouds quickly rush to formation,
Vanquishing any rays that may have escaped it’s grip.

Should the rays stand firm and break through, they’re left devoid of any heat to warm the earth.
Its strength is made visible in the heavily clad humans, with layers upon layers of clothing
And heaters ablaze wherever they be gathered.

Here comes the Sun
In summer, the sun reigns supreme.

It’s power can be seen in the melting of the ice cream, and the constant need to rehydrate one’s body.
The sweat that drips from one’s face and neck,
The urgent need to sit under the shed and cool off,
To keep that aircon on in the car and sit under the fan in the house.

Yes, the power of the sun is made manifest in the urge to take a dive in the pool,
Put on a vest and shorts in the scorching heat.

The rain and the cold stand no chance against the heat.
Should some rain drops escape the sun and fall to the earth, they’re evaporated as soon as they hit the ground.

Each season gives its best, its whole and full measure. A little lesson to mankind.



Tears and more tears

Tears clean your eyes to see clearer

They cleanse your heart to beat better

They take away the ache and pain of those who hurt

They clear the brain of those clouded by emotions of love and hate

Of despair and anguish

They never run dry until they accomplish

And like a river endlessly flowing

They will only stop when their job is done.

Cry on until you heal